Children (infant-6th Grade)



Children's Ministries/Groups

We love children at First Baptist Church of Rochester! Our dedicated group of teachers, helpers and care-givers invest their time to meet the needs of your children. All of our children’s teachers and helpers are screened and approved through our Child Abuse Prevention Policy (CAPP). Our Nursery and Preschool Departments are provided during all regularly scheduled services and our Children’s Ministry schedule is detailed below. You will also find a brief description of each ministry and age group.

Nursery – Our goal is to provide a safe, loving and enjoyable environment for children ages birth - 2 years. You will find caring attendants ready to gently rock them or play with some of our age-appropriate toys. We want parents to be able to worship and learn in the service without the stress of worrying about their child(ren). We strive to maintain a low caregiver/child ratio. Please note that we use a pager system to sign children in and out, as well as provide a discreet way to communicate with you when your little one needs you.

Preschool – This department is divided into 2’s/3’s and 4’s/5’s. Your child will be taught age-appropriate lessons from the Bible as well as enjoy playtime and other activities. Our classrooms are clean and attractive. In addition, our teaching staff and helpers interact with the children on their level. Each child has their own cubby for parents to pick up their child’s masterpieces and take-home papers after class. As an added precaution, parents are given a card matching their child to present when they pick up their preschooler.

Sunday Morning/Evening Ministries

Children’s Church (10:00 am)

We provide Children’s Church for grades 1-4. This hour is designed to be a Worship Service at the grade school level. The children enjoy sharing prayer requests, singing, taking an offering, and listening to a message from God’s Word.

Sunday School (11:15 am)

1st and 2nd grade – “Primary” students are introduced to the basics of maturity in Christ on an age-appropriate level. We cover a variety of subjects and explore a number of the books of the Bible. The children participate in interactive learning and have lots of fun doing it! The curriculum also explains the Gospel very clearly, encouraging children to place their faith in Jesus Christ.

3rd and 4th grade - Our "Middler" classes have a two-year curriculum that surveys the entire Bible. One year we study from Genesis through Solomon's reign. The next year starts with Israel's kings after Solomon's reign, through the exile from and return to the Promised Land. The remainder of that year we focus on the New Testament. We actively use our Bibles in each class, looking at the stories directly from Scripture. 'The children are given tools and encouraged to use them outside of class to have their own personal quiet time with God each day. The result is that Grades 3 and 4 are equipped with an overview of the entire Word of God. Our overall goal is for the students to be excited about God's Word and want to grow to be more like Jesus.

5th and 6th grade – Your young people will enjoy their study using Children’s Precepts materials. These are interactive books designed to motivate and challenge upper elementary students study the Word of God. One year we study the Life of Christ through the book of John. Year two materials include a study on the names and character of God, learning how to pray, and learning how to study the Bible.

Awana (5:30 pm)

Awana is a tremendous ministry for ages 3 through 6th Grade. For more information about our Awana Club, click here.

Wednesday Evening Ministries

We offer exciting programs that give a midweek "recharge" for children entering kindergarten through 6th grade. We accomplish this through a balance of the instructional and the practical.  Kids will learn God's Word and learn to put it into practice.  They meet each Wednesday evening  from 7:00-8:15 pm. For more information about these programs, click here.

Summer Ministries

We provide a number of ministries for our children which can vary from summer to summer. We always offer our Vacation Bible Schooling June or July. The theme and format can change but every year the kids have a blast and learn important truths from God’s Word.